Compact-Reconstruction Weighted Essentially

Non-Oscillatory (CRWENO) Schemes


Compact schemes have superior spectral resolution compared to traditional interpolation schemes, for the same order of convergence. Thus, they are ideal for numerical simulations involving a large range of length scales. However, they need some form of limiting to yield non-oscillatory solutions across discontinuities, e.g., shock waves in compressible flow. The Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory (WENO) schemes are a family of high order accurate schemes that use adaptive stenciling to yield non-oscillatory solutions. In this work, we have constructed the Compact-Reconstruction WENO scheme which uses adaptive stenciling on compact interpolation stencils to yield a high-resolution non-oscillatory spatial scheme. The new scheme shows an improved resolution of high-frequency waves as well as discontinuities, compared to the traditional WENO schemes.

Contact: ghosh (at) mcs (dot) anl (dot) gov