I am a post-doctoral research staff member at the Scientific Computing Group in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing. My supervisors are Dr. Milo Dorr and Dr. Jeff Hittinger. Prior to this, I was a post-doctoral appointee at the Mathematics & Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, under the supervision of Dr. Emil Constantinescu

Research Interests

  • Numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
  • High-resolution finite-difference and finite-volume methods
  • Non-linear, non-oscillatory compact finite-difference schemes
  • Multi-stage implicit and implicit-explicit (IMEX) time-integration methods
  • Scalable implementations of high-order numerical methods on massively-parallel platforms
  • Application areas: Compressible and incompressible fluid dynamics, atmospheric flows
  • Activities and Projects

    Past Research

    My past research at University of Maryland and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay has involved the following:-

    • Derivation, analysis and basic implementation of the CRWENO schemes (Adviser: Dr. James Baeder)
    • Development of a 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes solver with immersed boundaries to study high Reynold's number vortex-dominated flows (IBCartINS3D) (Adviser: Dr. James Baeder)
    • High-order ENO/WENO schemes applied to 1D and 2D ideal magnetohydrodynamics and an analysis of the numerical method (Adviser: Dr. Avijit Chatterjee)
    • Finite-volume time-domain algorithm to solve the Maxwell's equations of electromagnetics and predict electromagnetic scattering (radar cross-section) of low-observable ("stealthy") aircraft configurations (This presentation by Dr. Avijit Chatterjee, my former adviser, describes some of this work)